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Wouldn’t be a FIT Radio Summer without fun outdoor activities to fill your day! How do you make the most of your summer?? We want to see what keeps you active and having fun all while jamming out to the nonstop tunes on the FIT Radio app! Make sure to tag us and include #FITRadioSummer and we’ll share your photos! (And obviously give you all the photo cred you deserve!) We can’t wait to see what you post!

Get on the phone and tell all your friends about the #throwback section on FIT Radio, like, now! Check out the Oldies, 80’s On The Move, & 90’s In The Gym! #PutYourMindToIt #GoForIt #YoureGonnaBreakASweat

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#CrackLifeOpen on the official first day of summer! Super pumped to be working with the fine folks at @zicococonut, if you’re in the Atlanta area, go check out the legendary pool party going down today at 1050 #LenoxPark! (at The Pool at VLX)


Stephanie goes hard when the beat drops

Every time I lose a few lb’s

Hey iPhone users! Time for some Spring cleaning! Refresh your workout and clear all data. You can find it under the Settings option. Make sure to do this on a solid wifi connection* Also, after you’ve cleared all data, play a couple mixes while you check off things on your to-do list! (solid wifi connection recommended) Your workouts and piles of laundry will thank you :)

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damn, you swing back and forth and up and forth and up and forth!


damn, you swing back and forth and up and forth and up and forth!

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I was watching this like “I am so fucking done with this website” AND THEN IT WAS STEPHEN COLBERT

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Comic strip of life before & after FIT Radio! Bet you can guess which one is better 😉

Who’s ready for a pool party?! We’ve got the music covered, head over to the Stations tab and get those poolside bevs on ice!





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